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Our Marine Corps Rings and Jewelry are Made in the USA!

Marine Corps Rings and Jewelry 1" Tall Solid Gold Eagle Globe and Anchor Pendant

Beautiful 1" tall, solid Gold Marine Corps Eagle Globe and Anchor pendant. Designed and handcrafted by USMC Veterans!

  • Made to Order: 3 to 5 weeks
  • Unisex
  • Adult

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  • Beautiful 1" tall and Solid 10K Gold (not hollow), exceptional fine design Marine Corps Eagle Globe and Anchor Pendant with a nice gift box. 
  • This is our newest design - As you can see the exceptional fine detail.  
  • Pendant is 1.0" from bottom of anchor to top where the Bail connects.  Nearly 1.25" tall with bail.  
  • We are be producing this pendant in both 1.25" size and 1" size with same exceptional fine quality and attention to detail.    This pendant is NOT hollow - it is solid gold.
  • Available in 14k white and yellow gold, 18k yellow gold, and yes 24K yellow gold!
  • Handcrafted by a Marine for Marines - Marine Tough!
  •  We strive to exceed your expectations on all of our Official Marine Corps Jewelry.
  • Any questions call us at 1-800-876-8028 or email:
  • Each pendant is custom made to each order received.
  • Expect 2-4 weeks from order to delivery on average.
  • For the solid pendants like this, we do offer additional laser engraving service for limited engraving on the back of the globe and wing areas.
  • Photo showing the back, shows optional laser engraving.  Unless ordered with specific laser engraving, your pendant would not be engraved.
  • Fine Gold Marine Corps Eagle Globe and Anchor Pendants designed and Made by Marines Made in USA!
Officially licensed and approved by the US Marine Corps. 
Semper Fidelis


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Aug 4, 2013
Steve worked with me on this piece. His patience with me and determination to get this completed for me, well exceeded my expectations. If there is any other Jeweler out there that can do any where near as good of a job that the folks at Marine Corps Rings & Jewelry do, I have not seen or heard of them. The attention to detail is even more impressive in person. I can wear a piece of my own personal history and a piece of USA's finest, with pride. I only wish I would have purchased this sooner. If any one is looking for Marine Corps or any other custom pieces, look no further. GREAT JOB !!

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